Sample Itineraries

The best way to understand the difference between our personal concierge service and other standard relocation service companies is through our sample trip itineraries. Remember, we customize every visit based on your needs, desires and concerns. No two visits are alike, except that your satisfaction is our goal, 100% of the time.

We have provided many personalized visits throughout the Fox Valley. If you would like to see an itinerary based on a specific community or season or type of activities, let us know!

Together, we can walk through the dates of your visit and length of stay in the Fox Valley, your need for hotel accommodations and transportation, and what interests and concerns you have during your time here. From there, we can share an example from another visit or customize a sample trip itinerary to meet your needs.


Call us when you’re ready to begin creating a customized trip itinerary, at (920) 279-9650, or you can email your dates, interests and needs to to begin the planning and estimating process.