Hortonville | Greenville

If you’re looking for a little more room to sprawl, consider Greenville or Hortonville. These communities make up the western edge of the Fox Valley. They are close enough to the heart of the Fox Cities for quick and easy access to the best shopping, dining, and entertainment, yet far enough to boast housing with acres of land.

Greenville is an “Eco-Municipality,” with a solar-powered town hall and a focus on green living. You’ll also find the Appleton International Airport.

Quick Facts about the Town of Greenville

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  • History: Founded as Greenville Station in 1848, with two name changes since
  • Population: 10,309
  • Median Family Income: $73,306
  • Median Home Price: $214,734
  • Arts and Culture:
  • Sports and Recreation

Quick Facts about the Village of Hortonville

  • Find Hortonville on a map
  • History: Founded in 1848 by landowner Alonzo Horton, home to one of the world’s first match light factories
  • Population: 2,714
  • Median Family Income: $59,909
  •  Median Home Price: $150,619

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